Custom A380 Die-casting Aluminum Alloy

Custom A380 Die-casting Aluminum Alloy

1) Products description 2) NINGBO AIKEHAN HAS BEEN PRODUCING ALUMINUM DIE CASTINGS & ZINC DIE CASTINGS, SINCE 2007 . We can offer many different die casting solutions because of our wide selection of die casting machines. Aluminum die casting alloys are lightweight while possessing high...

Product Details

1) Products description

Product name

Custom A380 die-casting aluminum alloy


Aluminum alloy A380

Working Process

lnjection mold→Die Casting Raw Material → Trimming → Deburring →CNC turning → Shot blasting→ package → Shipping,etc.

Available facilities for this product

Eight sets Die Casting machine(From160T to 1000T)

Four sets advanced  CNC machining centers (3axis,4axis,CNC machine center)

Twenty sets CNC Lathes, 2sets drilling machines, etc.

Good Inspection


X-ray Detector, CMM inspection machine, Spectrum Meter, Imaging Measurement Instrument, etc.

Surface Treatment

Shot blasting

Product weight



Diagnosis Equipment, Hospital machines, Medical devices,  marine & ship equipment, Telecommunication, Textile Industry, etc


Inner packaging:1PCS/ color box Outside Packaging:18pcs/carton.32 Cartons/wooden case





We can offer many different die casting solutions because of our wide selection of die casting machines.
Aluminum die casting alloys are lightweight while possessing high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin walls. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as strength at high temperatures.
Because of the superior mechanical properties, aluminum die castings are among the highest volume, mass produced items manufactured by the metalworking industry today.
Aluminum die castings are everywhere. They can be found in thousands of consumer, commercial and industrial products. 
Aluminum die castings are important components of products like automobiles, computers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, furnaces and even toys. Some parts can be as simple as a faucet handle or as complex as transmission housing. 
Production Castings is a proud American Manufacturer and we are a better value than the offshore competition.


Die casting is a versatile, efficient and economical process for producing engineered metal parts. 
Die casting offers a broader range of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technique.
The die casting process requires a steel mold. These reusable steel molds, called dies, can be designed to produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.
The dies are mounted into a machine that injects molten metal into the dies under high pressure. Once the molten metal has solidified, the die is opened and the casting is ejected from the mold. The die is then closed and the process starts over.


Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine


3) Industries We Serve

NINGBO AIKEHAN Die Casting offers aluminum die casting services for industrial parts in many of today’s leading markets. We help customers deliver products that can exceed quality demands. As a leading aluminum die casting manufacturer, we serve a wide variety of industries, including:

· Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Aluminum die casting services for compressor pistons and connecting rods, heat sinks, bearing housings and many more specific parts

· Electrical: Aluminum die casting manufacturer for electrical housings covering everything from LED modules to cell tower equipment

· Firearms: Parts for rifles and shotguns, including aluminum die cast trigger guards and receivers

· Lighting: LED and other light products plus aluminum die cast heat sinks and other components

· Medical Devices and Products: We’re a leading aluminum die casting company for ultrasound systems, drug dispensers, heart monitors, bed gearboxes and more

· Meters: Aluminum die casting services for electric, water, gas, parking and other meters

· Recreational Vehicles: Parts developed through vacuum aluminum die casting for recreational vehicles, plus lawn and garden tractors

· Small Engines: Get small engine parts and accessory design and development from one of the most experienced aluminum die casting companies in the U.S.

· Vehicle Parts: We specialize in truck parts and systems from cylinders and gladhands to transfer cases


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